Storing your seasonal decorations

vcm_s_kf_repr_624x832Many of us like to decorate our homes with each changing season and holiday. No matter how little or how much you change your decor you are most likely faced with the common query – how to best store these decorations.

Let’s take your holiday decoration for example. When getting ready to put them up for the season be sure to start by assessing the condition of each item, then discard any broken pieces and donate the ones you don’t use or like anymore.

When you are ready to take the decorations down be sure to store like items together in lidded containers, being careful to protect fragile pieces with tissue paper or bubble wrap.

One of the most important steps when organizing – Label, label, Label!

Final step – store all bins together on shelves in your basement, attic or garage.

If you are in need of storage bins take advantage of sales at the end of each season and be sure to measure the available space between shelves before purchasing any storage containers. Keeping everything neatly stored in appropriate containers will not only keep the clutter to a minimum but also extend the life span of the items while making decorating a breeze from season to season.

In my next blog I will discuss some of my favorite storage options.

Please feel free to leave your comments or questions below or contact me directly.


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I am a professional, residential organizer working and living in Rochester NY. My passion is helping my clients to simplify and organize their lives by cutting the clutter and teaching new ways to live an efficient and organized life. For daily tips follow me on FB Visit my website for more info.
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