12 Tips for an Organized Kitchen

When setting up your kitchen it is helpful to first take your family’s lifestyle into consideration.Are you an avid cook? Do you frequently entertain? Do you pack lunches for your school age children?According to your answers you can now divide your kitchen into appropriate zones such as food prep, cooking, baking, storage, etc. Below are just a few tips to help you organize your kitchen.

1.     Keep your kitchen counters free of visual clutter by storing all lesser used items or appliances out of sight in a cupboard or pantry.

2.      Store items near the area where they will be used the most of. Like pots, pants and cooking utensils near the stove; coffee cups near the coffee maker; cutting boards, knives and measuring cups near food prep area, etc.

3.     If cupboard space is limited store rarely used items on top shelves, in the pantry or elsewhere in the home to have room for everyday items.

4.      Keep dishes, glasses and silverware near the dishwasher to make unloading more efficient.

5.      Purge through plastic storage containers and discard anything that is discolored, cracked or missing a lid. Nestle bowls inside each other according to shape and store all lids upright, sorted by size in a rectangular container or lid organizer.

6.      Store baking sheets, cutting boards and lids upright using a vertical lid or pan organizer.

7.      Organize your utensil and utility drawer by sorting everything into like items and then storing them in appropriately sized drawer dividers.

8.      Purge through your pantry every six months to check foods for expiration dates and remember to rotate older food to the front when bringing home new items.

9.      Utilize turntables or lazy Susans in cupboards or even the refrigerator to store oils, vinegars, small bottles or jars, as well as spices, vitamins, etc. Large sized turntables are great to use on deep pantry shelves – everything is easily accessible with one flip of your wrist.

10.  In the pantry group food together by category, such as breakfast items, grains, snacks or baking products, to name just a few.

11.  Use clear, airtight, labeled containers to store flour, sugars, pasta, snacks or any other opened food container to preserve freshness.

12.  Store small food items such as pudding boxes or gravy mixes grouped together in small containers or baskets to keep them tidy. Canned goods, jars and bottles can be stored on tiered shelving units for easy viewing.

As always I would welcome any comments or even questions.
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