Are You Ready For Company?

Tell me, how would this scenario play out at hour home? – A friend calls and tells you that she has unexpectedly gotten some free time next week and would like to come visit for a couple of days.

What is your first reaction?

§  A       Joy – You are truly excited to see her.

§  B      Unease – You are excited to see her, but you are a little anxious about getting the house ready in time.   

§  C       Horror – You are in a full panic because your house is so cluttered that there is no way to get it ready for company in just one week, let alone a month.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your answer could always be choice A? Even choice B wouldn’t make you lose sleep. However answer C would throw anyone into a tailspin. Life does get busy and we can’t always keep up with the clutter the way we should, unfortunately if we don’t catch up with it regularly we end up facing a mountain that seems impossible to conquer.

So if you are at the point where you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start – ask for help. Chip away at it slowly, with patience and persistence you will get the home you’ve always envisioned. Most importantly though – once you’ve achieved your “level of being organized” you need to remember that regular maintenance is a must to keep you from backsliding.  

So get started today and don’t miss out on life’s impromptu visits!


About OrganizingbyYve

I am a professional, residential organizer working and living in Rochester NY. My passion is helping my clients to simplify and organize their lives by cutting the clutter and teaching new ways to live an efficient and organized life. For daily tips follow me on FB Visit my website for more info.
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