Get Organized for the New Year

2011 brings us a new year and endless possibilities to reinvent, or better ourselves. Many view the New Year as a fresh start, a time to clear out the old and start over anew. People make resolutions to get healthier, to exercise more and to finally get organized. Unfortunately most of these resolutions are short-lived as we too easily fall into old habits by the time February comes around. What makes it even harder to achieve the goal of getting organized, is that many don’t really know where to begin. The sheer volume of the task can seem insurmountable and overwhelming. Consequently we put it off and put it off until we get distracted by other projects or events and it doesn’t get done – yet again! So what can we do to make our intentions stick this time?

This year start by making a list of goals instead of resolutions. List all of the areas of your home that you would like to have reorganized or de-cluttered, and then prioritize by listing the most troublesome areas first. Now pick a date and schedule a time to get started and be sure to stick to that time, just like you would keep an appointment to see the doctor. Don’t be afraid to ask a family member or friend for help, or consider hiring a professional. This will keep you motivated and gets the job done twice as fast.

Most importantly, don’t forget that de-cluttering is a process that will take time. After all – it took months, or even years to get to this point, so don’t expect to get it all done in just a few hours. Break the task into small, manageable steps to keep from feeling overwhelmed, and make sure to tell your friends and family about your goal and when you would like finish. It will be easier to stay on track when someone is holding you accountable.

I would love to hear from you, please leave me your comments or questions regarding organizing…and Happy New Year!


About OrganizingbyYve

I am a professional, residential organizer working and living in Rochester NY. My passion is helping my clients to simplify and organize their lives by cutting the clutter and teaching new ways to live an efficient and organized life. For daily tips follow me on FB Visit my website for more info.
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